• tamberleigh
    Still, hope the people at the discord can help! :)
  • tamberleigh
    Huh. I must have done something wrong or copied the wrong one.
  • Krychored
    Funny, the link didn't work, but when I joined the one on reddit, this link started working
  • Krychored
    Nvm I think I'm there I went to the one on the reddit page
  • Krychored
    Hey you sure you gave me the right link?
  • tamberleigh
    Here's the link to the discord: click me! There's always a few people there who can answer your questions (maybe a bit faster than the chat box.)
  • tamberleigh
    The game will be released on Steam in NA/EU sometime in 2018, though we have no set date at the moment.
  • tamberleigh
    You can -- through various means -- play the open beta in Japan, join the rebuild server in Korea, or be like the rest of us poor people with bad ping and wait a few months.
  • Krychored
    Heyo, I'm new on the forums, so as to not scroll through the whole forum can someone bring me up to speed. From what I've heard the game was good but had a bad combat system, so they decided to rework the whole thing. Where does it stand now? What's the public opinion? Is the game downloadable?
  • Sarcastic
    she wants to know how to download the game :)
  • Nayukhuut
    I apologise. I do not speak that language, and Google translate translates it as "good evening! How low is this game?" which is probably not entirely correct. :(
    boa noite! como baixo esse jogo?
  • End3r
    or years...
  • End3r
    Go by common sense. The reason no one is saying anything about the Bless Online being shut down its because it ain't happening. At least not yet, until the time to implement the changes created on RE:Bless, which will still take a few more months.
  • Korealer
    Right now there is no information on the official bless website about the main servers being shut down. So for now just take that information with a grain of salt until there is official news.
  • Pentrep
    Not sure. That's why I'm asking in a thread if anyone can check the original site.
  • Anttyr
    Are there any saved information available if they close the KR Server (not rebuild)? And when?
  • Lileen
    I mean, they could have just deployed all their changes to the already existing servers... ? I'd be mad if I had to level up and gear up again !
  • Pentrep
    We'll see I guess.
  • Nayukhuut
    I liked the old version well enough, but I do think a lot of the changes they made are for the better. It doesn't make sense to keep both servers up if you are basically fixing the game.

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