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  • Wait is that Jenny?
    • Sorry no - although I do know a Jenny so it might be her!
    • I see, I may have worded this wrong. Is that avatar from an Omnia album?
    • Ah I see. Honestly I have no idea. I was looking for something "Fae" like on Pinterest to use as an avatar and this seemed to fit the bill. I just assumed it was a bit of DeviantArt work or something.
    • Oh makes sense aha. Okay, I just thought that I had finally found someone who also enjoyed Omnia. The album is called "Naked Harp". Anyways, thank you, take care.
    • Have to say a thanks for pointing me in the direction of their music. I've been listening to it off and on for a few days and theres some great stuff there!

      Don't know if its your thing but it reminds me somewhat of Cappercailie and some of Cara Dillon's music.