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  • Hey, I was wondering if you could invite into me to the guild. I added you to my friends list yesterday but you were offline already.
    • I am sorry Специя couldn't provide you with the gameplay you want. Perhaps you should try Гиракон as there are far more players around. (english speaking too afaik)
  • ok patch was the problem
  • and i cant even repair or find patch to download need smt it isnt like old
  • @anklast i keep taking error too desappointed im :(
  • i turn off the vpn an still get error :@ maybe wanna put oof the patch?>
  • bro what i have to do for make the update?
    i take error ! @anklast
    • Disable VPN and let the 101xp launcher patch the game, then turn VPN on again.
  • Hey there, I just saw your posts about your guild, I'm in the same faction and server, and was wondering if I could join? I just started playing, and I've been looking for some other English speakers to run with. My char is Mariya.
    • Hi, yeah, sure thing.
    • Awesome! I'm having some issues at the moment, and I've been forced to troubleshoot and reinstall the game, but I should hopefully be back up and running soon.
  • Hey can i join your guild? i'm on your guys's server/faction. Drakamo is characters name.
  • hey friend somone post this on this forum its torrent do you think this will works? :…rrent-Updated-07-12-2016/
    • Well check it and tell us :P

      On my hand, I asked RU CM about the torrent thing and if there is any workaround for that. She told me she is going to ask around so let's hope
    • ok thx ill wait you then
  • hye friend can you help to download bless onle fast because that luncher is very slow
    • Hi,

      Actually, I'd love to help everyone with downloading the game faster but unfortunately, torrent thingy won't work since 101xp launcher is kinda screwed up and doesn't have cache check function till you completely downloaded the game. And so far noone knows if it's possible to manipulate some config file to overcome that issue.

      So yeap, sadly you will need to download it at the current speed :/
  • hieron is the right as you see the screen correct?
  • you will guild me right?
  • @anklast so is tolvl up ? max goes 50?
  • @anklast what server are you and are you heiron i want join guild boring play alone
    • Hieron, Специя server. Be aware I am already lvl 35 though :D
      Still there is a new wave of players coming so you may find people to play with. I could also answer some of your questions ingame whether you have any.
  • ty bro big help <3
  • i open the game and i take this as screen no password no username or smt.what i need to do? open vpn and what can i do? or i need to w8 until 8 for log in?
  • im playing from greece and im really confushed i need fidn english patch and what's about vpn
  • ok its not big deal i need only 3 days,after what i need to do ? i have download russian version
  • so for play it free i need w8 for 8 december?
  • bro can you invite me to guild i need play this gamer
    • Hi, I can invite you, however to play it on 5th of December you would need to buy "Thirst for Power" founder's pack. The rest free-to-play players will join on 8th of december.