New Fansite-Kit for Bless


Pmang just uploaded a new Fansite Kit to the official korean website of Bless Online. The Fansite Kit includes the original Logo of the game, 12 new Posters of the playabe classes, a beautiful looking banner in 4 different sizes, 15 new screenshots showing the playable region of the second closed beta and 2 of the available flying mounts and at last some class and fraction logos. We’ve uploaded the Fansite Kit to our Server to make it easier for you to download it.

You can download the updated kit here

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New Trailer shows the overhauled combat system

It appears that the Development Team of Bless Online overhauled the combat system. Everything looks much more dynamic now. Movement and evading seems to be one of the biggest changes, but the system by itself looks much smoother and more action-packed now. In the video you can see the 4 classes from the first closed beta, the Guardian, Berserker, Cleric and Ranger fighting their way through a solo dungeons with an huge ember boss.

Enjoy the video:

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New Trailer released



The second Closed Beta is coming closer and closer. Neowiz released a new trailer today which shows the war between the 2 nations in the game. The recruitment for the second closed beta will start this month, the beta will probably start in december. We really hope that we will be able to participate in the upcoming closed beta. Unfortunately it’s for koreans only and there are no signs for a western or SEA Publisher yet.

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Focus Group Test in November


City of the dead, Tyranny

Pmang just announced that they will hold a short Focus Group Test from November 6th – November 9th. You can apply for the Group Test here. This Test is for Koreans only. We hope that we can participate in this Beta, but we can’t promise it yet. A new Video which shows how Cinematic Videos are being made has been released as well. You can watch it below.

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2nd Bless World/Environment Update

Hello Everyone! We are getting another look at the world of Bless. Last time we read some pretty interesting stories and saw some stunning locations! Let’s see what they have to show on their second preview!!


The Cursed Land, Forest Of The Dead

The evil forces at work have contorted the forest’s animal and plant life.  The trees have been distorted and the animals are suffering from sickness and disease.  The Forest of The Dead, filled with horror and pain, is not a place for anyone to live (Obviously… It’s a forest of DEATH!).

This once beautiful forest had four distinct seasons. Now the forest looks broken, plagued with the undead, this forest will forever be clouded in a dense fog. The changes to this forest have made living conditions so hazardous and deplorable that many have fled the cursed land (Oooooh~ Ominous).

This forest is filled with not just the undead, but the ghosts of those who still have ties to the material world. Ghosts who have died unjustly stay here now.

Life has dried up here. Forest Of The Dead

Life has dried up here. Forest Of The Dead


Drowning in sorrow, Beiron

In the past, Beiron, located at Korenus Mountain, was a place where merchants and traders often used as a passage between the north and south. The Korenus Mountain is a dangerous place filled with rough terrain and barbaric creatures, so Beiron was the path of choice for many traders. Beiron quickly became a base for traders and travelers, a transportation hub where goods were gathered, exchanged and transported.

However, the Nigratris disaster struck Beiron and Korenus. The fragments of chaos that was gathered at Beiron attracted demons. It transformed a once bustling trade hub in to a war zone.


The dreary and musky Beiron Valley

Endless conflict, Korenus Mountain

A rough, rugged and harsh terrain that separates the Hieron’s Habitchts and the Union’s Amistad, this region is very important geographically. Not only does the mountain represent the border between the 2 nations, it also provides the shortest distance to the capitals of the respective continents.

Even though the terrain is rough, the terrain could provide a unique strategic value to either nation. Thus, conflict occurs every day between each nation to claim the mountain as their own.


Ortus Fortress located at Korenus Mountain.

A giant canyon, Wyvern Valley

Wyvern Valley consists of canyons so deep and huge, as well as mountains so high that it makes this valley near impossible to traverse through. A scorching desert with its sandy terrain makes vegetation rather difficult to grow. In addition, with the heat impossible to hide from and all of the aforementioned traits of the valley, those who step in inevitably become wyvern prey.

The wondrous deep gorge, Wyvern Valley

The wondrous deep gorge, Wyvern Valley

City Of Death, Tyranny

Along the eastern road of the southern continent, we find a desolate and dreary town. This is Tyranny. Players will meet this new city during the 2nd CBT in their mid to late game phases. The 2012 G-Star event presented a battle against the Death Knight. Tyranny is the location of that epic showdown.

Originally, Tyranny was the center of culture and the arts, a cultural city of the southern continent. However, for reasons unknown, an exhaust created a heavy fog covering the sun and Tyranny has become a city infested with hordes of the undead.

At the center of the city is an old-fashioned mansion with glimpses of culture Tyranny once was. Now it has become a new home to a mysterious vampire clan.

City of the dead, Tyranny

City of the dead, Tyranny

This has been the second environment/world update for Bless.

We got to learn so much about the world of Bless (I feel like I’m going to be a walking encyclopedia for Bless haha), and boy, things got dark.
Anyways~ I hope you guys enjoyed reading this pretty dark preview of the continents and check back later for more bless related news. Bye~

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Bless Environment Update

Hello everyone!! We have been “Blessed” with another update for the upcoming second beta test! This update we get to see some stunning artwork and a more in-depth look in to the story of Hieron. Hieron strives to protect civilization and preserve its history and culture.


A look at the northern continent

A look at the northern continent


Turtle Lake, a place that lost its peace and tranquility

A village that once belonged to the Habichts, the “Turtle Lake” name comes from the landscape, the large rocky hills surrounding the lake resembles a turtle. Because of the large mountains surrounding the village, communicating and interacting with the outer realms was difficult. However, the mountains also provided protection as well. The villagers lived in peace and tranquility until the fire nation *cough* Orcs attacked. The Orcs live north of Turtle Lake and their invasion of Turtle Island was a difficult one. The mountainous shell of the village made it tough to invade, but the never-ending assault from the Orcs slowly penetrated the turtle. Many of Turtle Lake’s Habichts inhabitants left the area in search of safety.


Orcs taking over Turtle Lake

Orcs taking over Turtle Lake


Sylvan Elves’ beautiful city, El Gradis

El Gradis is a beautiful city surrounded by greenery everywhere. And I mean a lot of trees and stuff just look at the picture below, it’s a lot of trees. The city gives a very warm and serene atmosphere for the Sylvan Elves that reside there. Though some curious Sylvan Elves seek natural beauty in all things and often travel to the outer realms to find snow, deserts, canyons, etc. To match the Sylvan Elves’ ideals of harmony and balance, the city is built to emphasize those ideals. Also, there are a plethora of plant life and animal life that are both mysterious and beautiful in the region. However, the landscape received some damage because of the war to the point where you can see withering clearly. To those of you who will pick the Sylvan Elves as the race of your choice, remind yourself of their ideals and help restore balance and harmony.


Mysterious and beautiful forest, El Gradis

Mysterious and beautiful forest, El Gradis

The bright and brilliant spin wheel is an object of magical wonder hidden within the outskirts of El Gradis [I hope it’s a mini-“outskirt” =3 Sylvan Elves are HOT] It catches the interest of many travelers *wink*.


Do you think something special will happen if you touch the spin wheel =O?

Do you think something special will happen if you touch the spin wheel =O?

Home of the Lupus

A lot of time has passed, but this mysterious and strange forest gets many visits from humans. Those who come to see Bran Forest’s guardian spirit, some come to hire the Lupus as mercenaries, and others come to train spirituality and mental fortitude. The Lupus are usually welcoming to those who travel deep in to the forest to find them, but to those who come to disturb their peace be warned. The lupus has a dangerous and unpleasant side to them.


The Lupus village in the midst of the very dense and thick Bran Forest

The Lupus village in the midst of the very dense and thick Bran Forest

Looking at west of Bran Forest, big towering monuments can be found. It looks cool from a distance but the truth is, these structures were made by termites, the giant Termite Tower.


The towering Termite Tower of Bran Forest

The towering Termite Tower of Bran Forest

Hieron’s capital city, Hierakon

After experiencing the introductory storyline for each race, everyone will gather at Hieron’s capital “Hierakon”. Originally, Hierakon was built for the purpose of being a fort/barracks to fight against orcs, goblins, and other dangerous tribes. However, an idea of a grand and dignified empire was kept in mind which helped the city become what it is today. Much time has passed and the fort has undergone numerous additions and improvements. The city gradually looks more and more like a grand imperial empire. However, you can find traces of those improvements leaving clunky and crudely built remnants of the older structures.




Ostium, the city of education

Ostium, located adjacent to Hierakon, is a city built around Hieron’s largest university, Carta University. Because many travelers passed by the city while heading to Hierakon, the name “Ostium”, which means entrance (in Latin), was given to the city. Ostium, being a city focused on education, studied and large variety of fields. In particular, they cultivated their knowledge regarding the environment such as ecology, geology, and botany. While Ostium’s big interest is the vastness of nature, the recent attack on native species and the research groups taking objects of interest from the environment have angered a swarm of beetles which is making future research increasingly difficult.


The beetle habitat now has a creepy atmosphere

The beetle habitat now has a creepy atmosphere

Knight and shepherd district. Malgalgi meadow

For a long time, this meadow was the Habichts’ best place to groom horses and knights. Many of the locals who breed horses are related to those knights. The region is mainly made up of prairies and grasslands but as you head east the ground gets higher and you get to see a beautiful steep mountain view.


Peaceful Meadow

Peaceful Meadow

Lakes and hills, Florin

Florin, also called land of lakes and hills, is a beautiful zone. One of the most luscious and fertile environments in Hierakon with its rich soils and abundant rivers, Florin boasts its beauty. Deep within the forests of Florin, there are a variety of fairies that live there, that area is called the singing forest. The Sylvan Elves often pay their old friends a visit. The singing forest has a lush, mysterious and refreshing feel to it and has intrigued many people. However, due to rumors of the forest being haunted, the forest is becoming more disconnected from the world.


Mysterious, eerie, beautiful, the Singing Forest

Mysterious, eerie, beautiful, the Singing Forest

This concludes this update on bless! What do you guys think? We certainly enjoyed learning about the realm of Hieron, though I’d like to know more about the south =O!!

As always guys! Thanks for reading and come back for more bless updates in the future!

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The Races of Bless

Orcs and goblins roaming all over the continent, ancient gods and dragons forgotten, a new era has begun. A time of war, different races battling for supremacy.

Our look in to bless begins in the northern continent and its races. The races of Hieron are dealing with all sorts of events and experiences.
In this update we’ll be looking at new concept arts for the resident species of Hieron and a little bit of their background stories.


Northern Continent, Hieron’s Story

When we remember Hieron, we see a powerful empire all about authority and order.
Not only has Hieron been thriving for hundreds of years with its large territory (half of the continent), Hieron has diligently protected the civilized world from multiple invasions from barbaric tribes.
The name “Hieron” was derived from the Elven language “Hiera” which means “Holy Alliance”, so the unification of the continent to establish world order is the ultimate purpose and goal of Hieron.
Those of you who will choose Hieron, will get to experience Hieron’s values, contemplate on what it takes to be a genuine leader and king, and will help build a great empire.

The symbol of a powerful empire, the capital city Hierakon

The symbol of a powerful empire, the capital city Hierakon


This is where Hierakon’s events will unfold(This is the map you will see in-game)

This is where Hierakon’s events will unfold(This is the map you will see in-game)

The Habichts: Loyalty and Courage

The Habichts is a pivotal part of Hieron, and is responsible for leading the Hieron’s development.
Their moral codes are loyalty and courage, being committed to their country is a big part of their culture.
The people of Habichts are generally tough and sturdy in physique, and gives off a rather bold and brave impression. Their eyes are usually blue, red or black, their skin have a lighter skin tone. (The “Look” of the Habichts people, was designed to feel and look like northern European countries like Germany and Netherlands)

Habichts Character Concept Art

Habichts Character Concept Art

The Habichts maintain a strong relationship with the Lupus and Sylvan Elves, but although we can admire the Lupus and the Sylvan Elves are intimidating in a big brother sort of way. While the Mascu race are rather mischievous and feel like younger siblings to the Habichts.

Sylvan Elves: Wisdom and Harmony

The Sylvan Elves are graceful and elegant elves of the forests, and the true descendants of the ancient kingdom.
The elves have a slender body type with a light skin tone and look very noble and elegant.
They also look very mystical, and look very agile and very intelligent.
They used to live an almost eternal lifespan but now they only live slightly longer than man.
Sylvan Elves are the librarians of wisdom, and their ultimate goal is world harmony.
Believing that they are the true guardians of the civilized realm, they are leading the way to harmony with their wisdom.


Sylvan Elf Character Concept Art

Sylvan Elf Character Concept Art

Lupus: Quick and Quiet Hunter of the Forest

The Lupus have a strong resemblance to wolves, and along with the Pantera race they are two of the oldest races of the continent.
They have rough short hair all over their body. The Lupus has an incredible sense of smell and amazing hearing. They are considered the best hunter race. The Lupus also excel in group battles and group hunts.


Lupus Character Concept Art

Lupus Character Concept Art

The Lupus have lived in seclusion for thousands of years in the Bran Forest.
The Lupus learned from their spiritual teachings to survive and as a result they developed an admiration and respect for nature as their unique culture prospers.
These wolf-like creatures try to respect nature as much as possible and refrain from unnecessary killing. However, their wild animal instincts kick in from time to time which makes things rather tough on their beliefs.

Lupus Transformed!

Lupus Transformed!

When we look at the lore and history of the world of Bless, we see conflicts between the different races, betraying each other and ignoring others’ pleas as their faiths and beliefs of these races differ on many occasions.
Hieron’s Habichts and the Union’s Amistad are both humans, however the differences in their beliefs causes them to point sharp objects at each other’s throats.
Both Habichts and Amistad developed in very different environments and differ vastly in culture.
For example, looking at the cosmetics of the Habichts, the armor clearly expresses Habichts’ values of duty and order, while the Amistad’s armor looks more bold and unconventional in comparison.

Habichts Amistad
These kinds of difference, can be noticed between the Sylvan and Aqua Elves. Thousands of years ago the Sylvan Elves and the Aqua Elves were once united by blood as brothers and sisters, but the Elven Civil War divided the Elven race in to 2, north and south, Sylvan and Aqua.
Years after the war, we will now look at the differences between the 2 Elves.
The Sylvan Elves have stayed true to their elven heritage, acting as guardians of civilization with an elegant image. Aqua Elves have a more mysterious and cold image to them while Sylvan Elves are more warm in nature.


The Lupus have gotten used to the cold weather of the northern continent, and their respect and admiration of nature is unique to their culture. While the Pantera lives in the deserts and meadows of the southern continent, they have a wild and tough demeanor to them.


Bonus Preview! Unpublished Races!!

We also get a look at 2 of Hieron’s new species Mascu and Fedayin.
First, the Mascu are rather small in size. They are only about half the size of other races.
One day while on a trade mission they travelled overseas on their airship and they were hit with a typhoon. After coming to their senses, it seems they crash-landed on a rather strange continent.
For the days after the crash, they were considered as foreigners in the northern continent, but now they are responsible for the trade industry of Hieron.

11The Fedayin come from another world in another dimension, their role was to be the gate keepers of the doors between dimensions. However, their spirits have been corrupted by the Iblis.
They are rather religious and use masks, veils and other means to hide their appearance.


Bless deals with heavy subjects, the differences in culture and faith, the wars and conflicts provide a realistic historical experience and players meet various characters, witness events and stories unfold as you play. Look forward to more lore and story updates for Hieron!

Sidenote: you will see the 3 Hieron races (Habichts, Lupus, and Sylvan Elves) in the next closed beta test, but the Mascu and Fedayin will be released at a later time.

As always we here at will continue to bring you guys translated updates!
Thanks for reading!


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Bless Update 2

We get a second look at the development for Bless after the first CBT.

This time we’re seeing improvements on character quality such as lighting and modeling.

CB_08_mainLets take a look at how bless has changed since the last update.

Character Lighting Changes: Even more satisfying in-game quality!

Amongst the graphical opinions regarding Bless’ first CBT, there were some disparities with the quality of the characters in the character selection screen and the characters in the game.

After investigating the opinions further, Bless noticed that lighting at the darker shades of the character was lacking and was not at the level of quality they wanted.
Now they are making sure the characters that the players see in the game look just as good as the characters in the character selection screen.

They are currently experimenting with the lighting and we’ll get to see some of the results in the pictures down below.

The lighting changes mainly focus on the shades (the parts of the character not facing a light source) which really do decrease the level of detail in their clothes and bodies).

Changing how the game shades the characters, gives a better outline of the bodies and brings out some details that were hard to see when just shaded. Overall the characters look much better in quality.

Here are some before and after shots.

The changes are more clearly seen at night time, however even in day time the character is better defined. You can see the details more clearly on his amazing arms and glorious man-breasts. His shoulder armor shimmers more and the left side of his pantaloons and his left bracer also look more clear and crisp as well.

We can see how the lighting changes make small improvements to the characters.

The changes also makes this already stunning Iblis character even more mesmerizing!! *Cough* shiny breasts *Cough*


Improving the look of the races: For a detailed expressive appearance!

Currently Bless is improving on their 10 races’ (both female and male) character models.

An RPG character is supposed to be a projection of the player, another life in another existence. To accentuate the feeling of attachment to your character while playing, they have touched up the models to make them more realistic.

They hope that, through Bless’ expansive customization, players will be able to see the added details, the subtle expressions, and the movement of the muscles as the characters move. And to achieve this, they had to change the current character models and features.

For example, they drew the textures for the eyes and

nose, then added a polygon grid (the grid of triangles you see on the male character’s face below) and modified the facial structure to produce a more realistic and natural look.

Instead of the characters’ models that we have seen in the first closed beta test, we now have a more realistic character designs, and a refined customization that’ll be released.

“Facial changes made using the polygon grid”

Also, Bless with its many species that has its own culture and lore which follow the over-arching storyline of the game, it is very important that the developers keep true to their unique concepts, ideologies and symbolism while making improvements on the characters.

Aqua Elf was one of the first races they looked at for improvement.

To keep the Aqua Elf’s mysterious presence/aura while allowing customization options, a new character creation system was added.

(Mysterious Aqua Elf! Transform!!) (So Pretty~!)

Continuing with the new character creation method, the developer’s made some changes to the Pantera race’s textures as well. Pantera was given a braver and bolder feel.

“More horns! More beard! More fur! = More man! before and after picture.”

Improving the appearance of each race, as well as their facial structures, and the expressiveness of their muscle textures improves the overall natural look of the characters.

The character customization will be improved; various forms and expressions will be made possible.

Bless and its developers will continue to improve and bring its players new and different characters.


Bless is aiming for an even higher quality game, and working hard on innovations, big and small.
And improvement after improvement, they hope to get future players excited for its eventual release! Bless is going to continue to listen to their player’s opinions. They also appreciate the feedback and interest in their game.

This has been the 2nd Bless update since the first beta test, look forward to the next update.

We, here at, will be translating and posting it here as well! So look forward to it too!

Thanks for reading~!


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Bless Update 1

Hello Everyone!
A vibrant world begins! Bless!
For everyone who has been waiting for Bless news after the end of the first CBT, we want to update everyone on our current content development, production process and the public’s comments on the game on our “Bless ING” Corner.
Our first look begins at the Bless studio.
We’ll look at new characters and world content information that’ll be released for the second CBT.

The very first thing we want to show everyone is a graphics update.
He’s working on the human female character’s hair!
Can you picture it a little? The customization Bless will be providing?

Here we see an important NPC “Reoni Adler” and her Assassin outfit being worked on.
You will meet her in her awesome outfit in the next closed beta.

Next we see one of Hieron’s races, The Lupus.
If we say the Union’s Pantera resembles a lion, then Lupus would be a wolf.
Right now, we’re trying out various equipment for the Lupus character to check for mistakes.

Moving on we see work being done on the female Lupus character design.
We’re diligently experimenting with texture to check for any changes in overall impression.

Here we see armor for the Aqua Elf being worked on (Colorful isn’t it?)

This is one of the boss monsters “Priest Karoroka”.
It’s in its early stages but it will emerge in the world of Bless one day!

We’re also working on Warlock’s scythe designs.

The sections that showcase the Warlock’s demonic concept stand out a lot.CB_07_08_RESIZED
Will another cool idea pop up during this process?

Taking the time to sketch out ideas for new designs is also important!

Do you remember the vivid effects of the Paladin’s abilities “Divinity Blast” and “Retribution”?
Currently we’re working on the color and timing of the visual effects for the spells.

The second CBT will reveal Hieron’s capital, Hierakon.
We see the testing being done on the progression of time in Hierakon.
To ensure a natural progression of day and night, we’re doing a necessary check on the shape of the clouds, fog density, and how the sun expresses light.

This is El Gradis a Sylvan Elf village in the northern continent.
He’s looking at the lighting and the Sylvan Elf’s art concept to see if they were executed well in the game.
(The artist seems to have some sharp eyes. ^^)

Introducing a combat region located in the northern continent, the “Wyvern Valley”.

Of course we can’t forget about the structures and NPCs in the world of Bless either.

We’re currently working on the sound of the game in the sound room.
The sounds and music that add vibrancy and vividness to Bless is created here.

With the final bit of programming, the world of Bless is reaching completion bit by bit.
Now we will look at the upcoming in-game changes for the game.

Thanks to everyone’s feedback, these are the changes we have made to the UI.
Looking at the UI improvements
1) Mini-Map Changes
During the first CBT, Quest Icons covered building entrances on the mini-map which made navigation difficult.
To fix this we increased the color separation between the inside and the outside of buildings for a clear recognition and changed how we marked the entrances.

Also, we changed the in-game clock display to the slide format so that players can better accurately check the time.

2) Quest Log Changes
Many of your feedbacks have pointed out the lack of clarity of the quest log.
We also thought an improvement was needed (Haha..)

So we changed the shape and color of how the quests would be displayed for a clearer quest log, so the story and quest progression can be easily understood during the game.

3) Monster Rank Visuals (Top to Bottom: Weak, Normal, Elite, and Boss Monster”)
The monsters in Bless are ranked in to 4 categories weak/normal/elite/boss.
The symbols for the respective monster ranks in the first CBT was dull and ambiguous.


We changed the symbols displayed so that each rank gives a stronger impression.
This is all the changes we’ve mentioned in one screen.
(Feels a little cleaner and clearer right?)


P.S. We are always making improvements and these changes are also subject to future modifications.
What are your opinions on our development so far?
We hope this has quenched your thirst for some Bless news.
We will continue to release information regarding Bless’ production and a hidden episode through our official homepage and facebook, so look forward to our future updates.

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Closed Beta Review


-Character Creation-

In the Closed Beta, Character Creation was very limited. We only had the options of choosing between one of the 3 available Races (Amistad, Aqua Elf and Pantera) and one of the 4 playable Classes (Guardian, Paladin, Ranger and Berserker). Every Class has a preset design in the closed beta and there were no ways to customize your character’s looks. However, we’ve found some interesting strings in the game client. According to the Character Creation game files, you will have more than 100 possibilities to customize your Character!
Bless Online will offer many exciting ways to customize your character. To begin, you choose your character’s gender, one of the 8 Races, and subsequently, one of the 8 Classes, which is standard for many MMOs. After that, you can start customizing your Character and get to the exciting parts. Naturally, there are some different options between Males and Females, but there will be some features you might not have seen in an MMO before. Besides typical customization features like altering eye color, hair, the structure of the face etc, you can also change the make-up of your Character, as seen in the video below. Neowiz presented the make-up Customization system last year at the gamestar in Busan, Korea.

The customization system, combined with the make-up system, are very powerful tools in which you can alter the dimensions and personality of your character to your desire. In Bless, you will have hundreds of options to change the appearance of your Character. You can find a full list of all customization features here.


The User Interface of Bless is pretty much the typical UI you have already seen in other traditional MMOs in recent past. You got your Skillbar, Questlog, the World and Minimap, Character Window with your Stats and Gear and your inventory.
The maximal amount of skills you can put into your Skillbar is 12. Means even when you’ve learned up to 50 Skills, you can only use 12 of them at the same time. There is also room for 4 items lile Health and Mana Potions. The other UI Elements are pretty much the same as the ones you have already seen in other MMO’s.


Combat System

The combat style in Bless Online depends on the class you are playing. The Ranger, for example, follows the traditional MMO style combat you’ve already seen in games like Aion or World of Warcraft with the standard tab targeting system. On the other hand there are classes which are using the action combat system in known games such as Tera. You can freely use your skills without being forced to select a target. You can also use the left and right mousebutton to activate your first and your second skill. For now, range classes are generally using the traditional tab-style combat, and melee classes are using the action combat system in which you can freely attack. Both classes will have a mix of skills that require targeting and no targeting alike.

Skill System

The Skill System differs a bit from other MMOs. As we’ve already mentioned, the maximum amount of skills you can use is 12. One of these skills is your standard Auto Hit Skill. When you remove it from your skillbar, your Character stops Auto Attacking. You have more than one skill that can be set to auto-attack. For example, the Ranger has a fast triple shot combo, as well as a single Shot Autohit with true damage. Every skill without a cooldown and casting time can be used to replace your default auto hit skill. If you want to use Passive Skills, you have to put them into your Skillset as well. As you level, you will be able to choose up to 4 Passive Skills. Besides your Active and Passive Skills, every Class has it’s unique Aura and “Lifesaver” Skill. The Aura gives your extra Stats like 15% more Damage and 20% extra HP. The Aura system gives you the opportunity to change the role of your Class. You can play your Paladin as a Healer, Tank or Damage Dealer, if you so choose. Lastly, every Class has a unique ability you can activate by using shift. These skills typically increase your survivability. The Guardian has a skill to block incoming damage, the Ranger can evade attacks, and the Paladin is able to heal himself.

Bless 2014-02-23 13-02-00-07


We came to Bless expecting a typical “Asian grindfest” and left feeling completely changed. Bless uses a traditional quest system with main important quests, and various sidequests, even more than you actually need! Bless uses the “typical” Questing Systems with quests like killing Monsters, Collect items, run from A to B etc. If you enjoy grinding, you can also Level your Character by finishing the Monster Hunting Quests. Whenever you kill a Monster, you get an additional Quest in your Monster-Hunting Quest-log. After killing the same Monster a couple of times the player receives EP, Gold and Item Rewards. Grinding seems to be the faster way to level up, but Neowiz did a great job by finding a perfect solution to satisfy the Eastern, as well as the the Western MMO preferences.


Bless is powered by the 6 year old Unreal Engine 3. Despite it’s age, it makes the game run beautifully like new. Unfortunately, the Unreal Engine has it’s limits, especially when it comes to graphics and textures in the far distance, which are not rendered very well in the beta, or rendered slowly. Anti-Aliasing support also seems to be disabled in the beta. However, we assume that it will be enabled in future betas.

Regardless, Bless is still a visual Masterpiece. The character designs are articulately made; whoever designed the gear and the characters in Bless deserves a medal as the designs are very thorough and the designs contain many small details that still stand out. Overall, the graphics are great, and the game atmosphere is simply amazing and will captivate you from the start.

Bless 2014-02-23 11-28-35-63

While running through the cities you will feel the love the developers just invest into the gamedesign. The Buildings are more than impressive, and extremely detailed and you can truly follow Zomblielands Rule 32, Enjoy the Little Things. We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff while going through the buildings like Paintings (new and old containing the game’s concept art), Statues, lovely bouquets, detailed rooms, flower gardens, etc. The cities truly capture the essence of their respective factions.These are all elements that even Roleplayers will definitely appreciate. Yes, it feels like Neowiz has thought of everything and everyone and catered appropriately.

Bless 2014-02-23 13-42-57-23

Ah, and good news for people with older PC Systems! We’ve tested the game on 2 systems, on an Gaming System and an 5 years old Notebook. With the Notebook we had around 25 FPS on Max. Settings. That’s not even close to the 80-90 FPS we had on our Gaming System, but even with an old System you should be able to enjoy the full beauty of the game.



The Channel System is a little bit different from the System we know from games like Aion. Whenever there are to many players in the same area, the system automatically creates channel to distribute the inflow. You can change the channel by clicking the small symbol in the upper right corner above the minimap.


One of our favourite features we’ve discovered in Bless is sprinting. By double clicking W your character starts to sprint and moves much faster for 20 seconds.


There are 3 ways to travel in Bless. You can either take the Wyvern or Airship to fly or just travel with the Boad from A to B. The upside is, that you actually travel over far distances and not just jump on the Wyvern and “teleport” from location to location.


Having played games like Aion and GuildWars 2 for extended amounts of time and not having many mounts or no mounts at all to choose from, I’m happy to finally see a large selection of mounts in a MMO again. The first mount is a quest reward obtained at a relatively low level. Bless has some pretty cool and diverse selection of mounts like Trolls, Unicorns, and Lions.


Yep, we’ve found plenty of eastereggs in the game. The Bless Development team definitively has a good sense for humor. So far we have seen stuff like a Quest called Spongebob Squarepants, Mario and Luigi in a Bar and some really weird dialogs.

Open System Files

First at all, thanks to neowiz for not encrypting the language files. Thanks to this we are able to work on an english patch for the non-korean Community. The system setting files are unencrypted as well. With the system settings we can tweak stuff like the graphics, network and gamesettings.

Real-Time Cinematics

Bless also has many pretty Real-Time Cinematics.

Our Verdict

We are more than impressed from Bless and we really have to commend the developers. You can truly feel the love the developers have invested into developing the game. The graphics are awesome and there is an insane amount detail, the game atmosphere is probably the best we’ve ever seen in online games, and they did an amazing job finding the perfect solutions between different tastes, play-styles, and preferences. We also have to admit that we love the flexible skill-system. The flexibility of the skill-system will definitely help keep balance in PvP, and being able to change the role of your class with the Aura System is pretty awesome. In our mind, Neowiz has developed a game which is already ready for the western market. We can only hope that they will find a western Publisher as soon as possible. Trust me, dear Publishers, all you have to do is translate the game.  The game not require any gameplay localization.

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