Russian Closed Beta starts October 25th

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The russian publisher 101XP has announced the closed beta date on October 25th, the players can gain access to the russian closed beta in 4 different ways:

1) Buying a Founder Pack
2) Partecipating in the official 101XP’s social media events
3) Becoming member of a guild that has already access to the closed beta
4) Subscribe to the newsletter on and winning a random invite to the closed bet

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[KR] The Blazing Fire Update to be released next month



Next month, on October 5th, the first bigger content update will hit the korean version of Bless Online. The Mystic Class, a new level cap which will probably be 50, new level areas, new dungeons and a reworked equipment upgrade system have been officially confirmed on the korean website. Neowiz mentioned that they will introduce more features in the following weeks but there are no signs of new playable races yet.

Here’s the trailer teaser:

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Bless EU/NA Status Update 9/13/16


A Message from Product Manager Carsomyr


Hi all,


I told you that we would make an update after the Gamescom as well as C-Level meetings Neowiz and Aeria had and now I’d like to update you about the current status of the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with a fix launch date and milestones like close beta tests and open beta tests because the project is bigger than expected and the game needs a couple of tweaks to be able to penetrate the western MMO market and to have a stable and sustainable future in there.


We as Aeria Games want to deliver you the best Bless version as possible. The game has a great lore behind its world, solid gameplay and a big potential to become a sustainable and long lasting MMORPG in the western market. In order to make that happen though, we need to deliver a more polished and complete product. We are still talking about what the change needs are and what needs to be done before the game comes to the western market. Here are a couple of things that Neowiz Bless Studio will be working on:


Ingame performance: Neowiz Bless Studio is putting the most effort and planning to improve the performance aspects of massive battle contents such as Siege of Castra, Capital War, Raid etc. to provide the players the best gaming environment.


Combat System: As many of you might know, the combat system as of now feels unresponsive and the action combat is not on par with current generation action MMORPGs. Neowiz will be working on both tab targeting and action combat systems to have better combat experience in both systems. In the end of the day, combat is a very important aspect of every MMO and needs to feel good to keep players entertained in combat.


These are two of many changes, which will come to with the western release of Bless. I understand from a player perspective that it sucks to wait for a game for an indefinite amount of time but on the other hand, it is going to be above your expectations and is going to be a blast once the game is there. Meanwhile, we will be finalizing the list of action items together with Neowiz to finalize the release date. I’ll let you know once we have more concrete information.


Best Regards,

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Enhancement system rework



Enhancement system rework (Translation)


Rune system

As we’ve informed through ‘From B’, we have plans to provide new experience for players by updating equipments and contents every 3 months after the big update.


However, if we continue to update the current equip enhancement system with such time cycle, you will feel the equipments you’ve invested will lose their value way too quickly. Therefore we’ve decided that the biggest problem with current enhancement system is the fact of being unable to fix the main issue of inconvenience players are feeling.


To fix this problem,
after the big update that has been planned, current equipments’ ‘attribute change’ and ‘potential awakening’ system will be removed. Instead, the Rune system will take place.


Different from current system where you target the equipment itself to be enhanced,
you can now increase your character’s ability by setting rune on your equipment’s groove.
Rune can be developed through enhancement, and will wield stronger ability as the rank of the rune or enhancement level is higher.


You are able to remove the rune from the equipment and attach it to another equipment. So you could continue to use the rune that you’ve invested in.


Combination of rune based on stats

The type of stats where you can set rune differs into 2 types: Offense and Defence.
And the type of runes that you can attach for each type differs as well.

You can specialize your character’s ability in various ways throughout using the combination of rune that has limited slot.


Obtaining rune and enhancement

We see the rune along with the current equipments, as an important method for enhancing character’s ability throughout the investment. Therefore the way of obtaining runes will be through various routes including PvE and PvP, so that players can have easy access to it.

Maintaining the value of current equipments

The most important thing from the enhancement system update was to keep the value of the current equipments players have as much as possible after the new equipment system.


To solve this problem,
in other words, to revive the value of synis that player already owns and to enable players to reinvest the amount of investment they’ve made on current equipments, we’ve decided to create ‘Synis store (temporary name)’ in upcoming updates.


By using the synis that can be obtained from potential extraction system which will be maintained even after the update, players will be able to obtain the currency needed for runes along with the new enhancement system. Also, the amount of synis that gets extracted increases more depending on the potential level of the equipment rather than the rank of the equipment (such as tempest and abyss).


We expect that there will be many changes to the gameplay through this update.
We are at the phase where we listen to players’ feedbacks and polishing the detailed plans.
We will do our best for the players to enjoy the new system without much inconvenience after the update is done.


Thank you.

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The Capital of the Aqua Elves

Bless 2016-08-24 21-49-37-203

After the fall of the Kingdom of the Elves, many exiles relocated to the southern part of the continent. There, they began to call themselves the Aqua Elves. Their land is located on an island, separated from the continent by a wide strait. The main objective of this nation to create a society based on the principles of free thought and progress. The Aqua Elves entered into an alliance of southern peoples which is known as The Union. Here, no one prevents them from living freely and thinking how they want.

Their capital city is El Lano which is the biggest one under Union’s Banner. The city is divided into two regions, one for the lower and another one for the upper-class elves.

Your journey starts as lower-class elf in the Shadow Square right below El Lano.
Bless 2016-08-25 03-04-19-298

Once you have proved yourself worthy you can finally enter El Lano.

Bless 2016-08-25 03-10-31-314

Bless 2016-08-25 03-12-35-415

Bless 2016-08-25 03-14-36-934

:blesswhut: If you have questions about the game visit our forums.

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Bless Online OST

bless soundtrack

Composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer, the Original Soundtrack of Bless Online comes with 13 masterpieces that can be downloaded for free.  How important are good soundtracks for you in videogames? Download and listen to the full soundtrack here:

Main Theme – Embers in the Storm

Into the New World

Against the Fate

Dawn of the Empire

Dune Warriors

Eternal Flame

Forest of Legends

The Sea of Sadness

The Sun will rise

The Vow of Silence

Tree of Life

Bon Voyage

We shall overcome

Full Download: BLESS_Soundtrack

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AeriaGames survey for Korean OBT players.



Larek (an official AeriaGames employee, whom’s avatar graces this article’s picture) has made a survey for anyone here that has played the Korean Open Beta version of Bless. View the thread and see the link to the survey here:

If you did participate in the Korean Open Beta, then I highly encourage you to do this survey and fill it out with your honest thoughts. It’ll help AeriaGames with feedback as to what NA/EU players liked/disliked about the game.

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Bless Online Update (KR)



Today screenshots have revealed some of the new features that will be added in the future, including the new Mystic class and the Server Consolidation Exchange system as well as the new dungeon “Tomb of the Warrior”.





Mystics are able to temporarily summon spirits of various properties, harnessing the pure energy of nature. The spirits can attack, defend, heal, and offers balance in all things. Since they require a focus, each spirit can only do one thing at a time. In this way, Mystics require strategic judgement to know which spirit to summon and when.





Mystic traditions pre-exist academic knowledge, but are found primarily among the older species. The systemic evolution of Mystics came out with Elven technology, though communication with spirits is something native to the Pantera. Even Sirens can commune with nature spirits as part of their faith.




The Tomb of the Warrior dungeon has had no details released as of yet.



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Up to date registration/installation/setup guide!


I thought this was made news a while back, but I was unable to find it if so. So possibly for the first time: Here is a link to Nito’s guide to get you in the game. You’ll likely find it much easier to follow and detailed than the previous Open Beta guide that was here.

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Crafting/Gathering video guide!


Member LaVinia has made a video guide for all of you wondering more about crafting and gathering. Check it out below:

Also Feel free to discuss it in his thread:

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