New Skill System, Auto-path and UI Updates

Our Community Member and Youtuber Notch was lucky enough to get into the Japanese Closed Beta for Bless Online. It is very likely that the Japanese Version is using the latest Bless Client which will also be used for the European and North American Version of the game. The new Combat System still seems to be in development, but we hope to hear some news soon from Aeria Games.


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Bless Korea to merge it’s servers to 1


While we are still waiting for some news for the western version, Neowiz decided to merge it’s last 2 servers into 1. The Server “Eplis” will launch June 14th and probably allows you to play both factions on one server.

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Japanese Closed Beta to start on April 28th

Bless 2016-08-24 18-59-31-606
GameOn, the Japanese Publisher of Bless Online has revelead the Closed Beta Date for the Japanese Version of Bless Online on their Website. The first Closed Beta will start on April 28th and lasts until April 4th. Account Creation is not available yet, we also dont know anything about an IP block. You can find more information on the official website

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Aeria to meet up with the Korean Devs


It’s been a while, but now we can finally look forward for some upcoming news about the progress of the western Client of Bless Online. Aeria just told us that they will visit the Korean Developer Studios soon. We hope that they will come back with some good news. Neowiz, the developer of Bless Online is currently working on a modified western version of Bless based on the feedback of it’s community. A new action combat is in the works and some other western exclusive content which is why Bless have been delayed in the west for now. We will let you know as soon as we know more.

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Bless Online (RU) – Important Things to Know Before Playing



The Bless Online Russian version will soon launch it’s Open Beta Test. All players who want to delve into the beautiful fantasy world can download the game from the official Russian site. Before doing that, in order to avoid encountering potential issues you may want to take a minute to check out the following list of important things to know!


System specs

– Operating System – Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10 (64-bit), the 32-bit version is not supported;
– Processsor (CPU) – Intel Core i5-4670 / AMD FX-8350;
– Memory (RAM) – 8GB;
– Video card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD HD 7870;
– DirectX 9.0 or above;
– Hard disk – HDD with 7200 RPM /SSD
– Free space on hard disk – 60 GB;
Windows XP is not supported


Game launcher
Launching the 101XP Game launcher could cause alert from your anti-virus tools, firewalls, or similar programs, and perhaps even Steam. You have to consider whether you want to disable those service to continue.
On the next page are more solutions to possible technical issues.
You may also encounter the following issues:
a) When you start the game and an empty white or black screen appears – you must know that starting the client requires a certain time, so wait a sec and try not to use or open any other program.
b) When you try to install the 101XP Game Center and appears “process of creating a mistake” – this is caused by the fact that you are trying to run the game on a 32-bit system.
c) When the game starts and the monitor is turned off with the message “Out of range 93.4 kHz / 75 kHZ” – use a combination of Alt + Enter, which will open the game in windowed mode, so you can select the desidered settings from the setup menu.
For any another issues during the process of downloading and installing the game, players are adviced to contact the technical support.
The Open Beta Test starts on December 5th for those who own a “Thirst for Power” founders pack, on December 7th for those who own a “Battle Call” pack, and on December 8th for the rest of players.

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Bless Online (RU) Open Beta Date Announced



The Russian version of Bless Online just concluded its Closed Beta test on November 4th and now the publisher has announced the Open Beta date. Players who purchased the “Thirst for Power” founders pack will get a head start on December 5th, while players who own a “Battle Call” pack can begin their adventure starting from December 7th. All the rest of the players can begin their Beta adventure on December 8th.


Players who are interested in the OBT can download and install the game client starting December 2nd. Those who played the CBT must update their client in order to play the OBT. The level cap of RU OBT is set at level 45. at level 45 players will be able to complete daily “King Quest” and receive valuable rewards.


The Rune system and the “Blazing Fire” content will be added to the game later.


  • November 28th, 2016
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Bless Online Mobile Game Announced

Bless 2016-08-24 22-01-09-658


Longtu Korea announced today at G-STAR 2016 that they had signed an agreement with Neowiz Games and to obtain the license to develop a mobile game based on Bless Online, the Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG that’s published by Aeria Games in the west.


No information regarding the gameplay was revealed however Longtu did reveal that they have Neowiz’s full support including the access to Bless assets and technologies needed to make the mobile game.



Longtu Games is a major mobile and browser game publisher in China. The company has been actively signing up famous IP’s to make new generation mobile games and even VR/AR games in recent years. They set up Longtu Korea in January 2016.

  • November 22nd, 2016
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Russian Closed Beta starts October 25th

Thank you vegax87 for the news.

The russian publisher 101XP has announced the closed beta date on October 25th, the players can gain access to the russian closed beta in 4 different ways:

1) Buying a Founder Pack
2) Partecipating in the official 101XP’s social media events
3) Becoming member of a guild that has already access to the closed beta
4) Subscribe to the newsletter on and winning a random invite to the closed bet

aBless 2016-08-25 03-04-19-298

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[KR] The Blazing Fire Update to be released next month



Next month, on October 5th, the first bigger content update will hit the korean version of Bless Online. The Mystic Class, a new level cap which will probably be 50, new level areas, new dungeons and a reworked equipment upgrade system have been officially confirmed on the korean website. Neowiz mentioned that they will introduce more features in the following weeks but there are no signs of new playable races yet.

Here’s the trailer teaser:

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Bless EU/NA Status Update 9/13/16


A Message from Product Manager Carsomyr


Hi all,


I told you that we would make an update after the Gamescom as well as C-Level meetings Neowiz and Aeria had and now I’d like to update you about the current status of the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with a fix launch date and milestones like close beta tests and open beta tests because the project is bigger than expected and the game needs a couple of tweaks to be able to penetrate the western MMO market and to have a stable and sustainable future in there.


We as Aeria Games want to deliver you the best Bless version as possible. The game has a great lore behind its world, solid gameplay and a big potential to become a sustainable and long lasting MMORPG in the western market. In order to make that happen though, we need to deliver a more polished and complete product. We are still talking about what the change needs are and what needs to be done before the game comes to the western market. Here are a couple of things that Neowiz Bless Studio will be working on:


Ingame performance: Neowiz Bless Studio is putting the most effort and planning to improve the performance aspects of massive battle contents such as Siege of Castra, Capital War, Raid etc. to provide the players the best gaming environment.


Combat System: As many of you might know, the combat system as of now feels unresponsive and the action combat is not on par with current generation action MMORPGs. Neowiz will be working on both tab targeting and action combat systems to have better combat experience in both systems. In the end of the day, combat is a very important aspect of every MMO and needs to feel good to keep players entertained in combat.


These are two of many changes, which will come to with the western release of Bless. I understand from a player perspective that it sucks to wait for a game for an indefinite amount of time but on the other hand, it is going to be above your expectations and is going to be a blast once the game is there. Meanwhile, we will be finalizing the list of action items together with Neowiz to finalize the release date. I’ll let you know once we have more concrete information.


Best Regards,

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