Four things you worry about, you shouldn’t worry about

The game looks outdated

One of the most common comments we see on our social media channels is that Bless is “outdated”. Graphics-wise, the game is everything but outdated compared to other MMOs released in the past years. Bless has a more realistic graphics setting, so players that are looking for as much sparkle sparkle as in Black Desert for example, will probably be disappointed. In terms of gameplay, the game is oriented on classic MMOs with modern elements. So neither it’s graphics, nor its gameplay is outdated in any way.

No action combat in 2018? The game will die!

What most people don’t know is that Tab-targeting MMORPGs are the most popular ones on the market. Not only in the west, but also in Korea. The combat system has been updated with Rebuild, but not completely renewed. Combat is faster and more fun and feels similar to Guild Wars 2 now but definitely not like Games like Tera, but enjoyable for people that prefer Classic, as well as Action Combat Systems.

The game will be Pay2Win anyway…

Bless will not be the first game Neowiz will publish in the west. The Game Black Squad published by Neowiz on Steam is probably one of the only few Online Free2Play Shooter that is not Pay2Win and after many chats with Neowiz we can ensure you that they really want to make the game fair for everyone.

The game failed in Korea and Russia, so it will fail here too!

Since the first Korean Beta, the Korean Community said Bless is too western oriented for the Korean MMORPG Market. Another problem was the lack of content and that you had pretty much nothing to do after reaching max level. Most game-design problems have been solved with the Rebuild Version with the addition of Gear Progressing, Crafting, life-skill Leveling for Gathering and Taming etc. The Developers also started adding Features requested by the western community to the game, like the recently added Daily Random Dungeon Queue for example. For the Russian Version, Publisher 101XP made the mistake to publish the old, unoptimized Version of Bless without any content so it was clear that the Game will not succeed from the begin with. In the end, it is for you to decide if you enjoy the game or not. Bless has become a much better game in the past year and the developers care a lot about its Community and its Feedback.

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First Trailer and Sceenshots for Bless Mobile

ThinkFun, a subsidiary company of Korean Mobile Game Developer Joycity released the first footage for the Mobile Version of Bless Online. Since Joycity usually releases their games on the western market too we can expect an English version as well.

Bless Mobile will play in an alternate world and have a different story from the Original Title with high-quality graphics in Unreal Engine 4.

There is no official Release Date now, but a Korean Beta should start later this year.

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[Poll] Payment Model for Bless. F2P, B2P or Monthly Subscription?

Bless Online will be the 2nd PC game Neowiz is going to publish in the west. Their first game, the shooter Black Squad on Steam, has very good reviews, mostly because of its fair Cash Shop without any Pay2Win. In recent interviews and FAQs Neowiz said they want to avoid any Pay2Win elements to make sure the game does not give you any advantages for real money. Assuming the game will not be Pay2Win, which Model would be the best for the game in your opinion?

The voting is over! Results:

Free2Play with Premium Service and CashShop 1011 votes
Buy2Play with CashShop 1351 votes
Buy2Play with monthly subscription and Cosmetic CashShop 832 votes

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The Japanese CashShop

Just like in Korea, Europe and North America, Neowiz publishes the game itself in Japan, so we can get a little insight into the CashShop Items that might be available in the English version. The old Korean cash shop was already pretty fair compared to what other F2P games offer but also had some items that helped you progress faster. They have been removed with the Rebuild Version of Bless though.

Current CashShop Items


Pet Costumes

Mount Costumes


Other Items

Experience Booster (+20% from hunting)

Does not affect PvP experience

Mount Experience Booster (+20%)

Your mount levels while riding it.

Mount/Pet Skill Changer

Every Mount and Pet you tame has up to 3 Skills. With this Item they can be changed to whatever you like.

Extra Skill Deck

Skill Decks allow you to quickly swap between Skill Builds

Skill Reset Scroll

Allows you to reset your used skill points

Memory Scroll

Saves your current location, allows you to return to this place with a Teleport Scroll

Holy Water

Removes resurrection sickness

Mount/Pet Stamina Recovery Food

You can’t use your Mount and Pet for unlimited time. They either have to rest or you need Food(Can also be crafted)

Inventory Expansion
Gathering Tools
Extra Character Slot
Teleport Scroll
Gear Repair Set
And that’s it. No RnG Treasures or Pay2Win Items so far, let’s hope this won’t change.

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The ridiculous good Voice-over of the Japanese Version of Bless

There are not many MMORPGs with excellent voice-over, but pmang, the Japanese and Korean publisher of Bless, invested a lot into the voice quality of their upcoming game.
After the character creation, you can choose between 8 different voices per gender. It varies from dark to childish as you can hear in this preview:

But your character is not the only one with an amazing voice, many NPCs have their own voice-over as well.

More examples from cutscenes

Technically, it should be really easy to make a Japanese voice patch for the Global Version. Would you use it?

Interested in trying the Japanese Open Beta? Make sure to check out this guide.

If you have more questions make sure to join the Official Bless Online Discord or visit our forums.

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Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

As we’ve shared with you previously, a few of us from Bless Online Team attended TwitchCon at Long Beach, CA from October 20th through the 22nd where we got to meet some of our fans and future streaming partners.


We were grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with some
of you and to share the news that the Bless Online will be released
globally in 2018. The news and the nice swags we gave out to the folks
that stopped by our booth were received with much enthusiasm!


We want to take a moment to extend a big “Thank You!” for helping us make
TwitchCon an amazing event for Bless Online. We also want to say thank
you to all the fans that visited and joined our emailing list on


Now that TwitchCon is over and the news of the impending Steam release is
out in the wild, we thought it would be a great time to answer some of
the questions that you’ve been asking in regards to our future plans.


Here are the top questions and the answers we were able to put together from
the community. We are looking forward to sharing more information with
you in the future, so stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

    • When will Bless Online Steam be released?

    • We are planning to release it as a part of Steam Early Access program in 2018 with limited testing prior to the EA release. We will update the exact dates as we get closer to the launch.
    • What is Bless Online’s business model for Steam Early Access?

    • For Steam Early Access, we are planning a couple of packages that will provide benefits to our early supporters that want to get in early to help us create the final version of the game. We are working on the details and will reveal them when we are ready. We haven’t decided on what the launch version will look like yet and would love to get some feedback from you.
    • Where will be Bless Online’s service available?

    • We are planning to release the game globally in as many regions as possible with some exceptions due to our existing partnerships.
    • Which languages will the game support?

    • The game is being localized into English, German and Russian for Early Access. We will continue to add languages during and after EA.
    • What is the monetization plan for Bless Online? (Is it a Pay-to-win game?)

    • While we are still determining what the right monetization plan is for Bless Online, you can be assured that we heard everyone’s feedback loud and clear to avoid any P2W elements. We promise to continue to solicit and gather your feedback and choose the business model that works the best for Bless Online.
    • How are you planning to involve the Community in your development process?

    • Sometime before the Early Access launch, we will invite some of our fans to test the game for feedback. We ask for your honest and constructive feedback on all facets of the game to improve Bless Online as it marches towards Early Access and beyond.
  • What kinds of benefits are you planning to provide for official partners?

  • We are currently working on partnership programs that will provide exclusive access and other cool benefits. We promise to share more on this soon.
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Bless is coming to Steam in 2018

We are happy to announce that Bless Online is finally coming to Steam in 2018. Neowiz, developer and publisher of Bless released a new Teaser Website today. The Steam Community Hub is already Up as well. Check out the official English Bless Trailer below.

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Bless is coming to TwitchCon 2017

Yes, you heard right. Neowiz, Developer and Publisher of Bless Online, will attend to the TwitchCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA on October 20-22. Some Employees, including Will, who introduced himself to the community already a while ago will answer all your questions about Bless.

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Rebuild Season 3 – Human Mascu

Rebuild Season 3 is upon us and one of the biggest additions is the Human Mascu Race. There are many other changes which will be announced very soon. The Season 3 Update will come on August 16th and will only be available on the Rebuild Test Server. We will create a guide soon how to play on the Rebuild Test Server with an English patch. Neowiz is really interested in the western feedback so if you are interested in making the game better make sure to leave your feedback on our forums.



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Rebuild Test Server – Season 2 Patchnotes

The second major update to Bless Rebuild is on its way, it will be applied in two parts.
Thanks for the help eto!

The first update which comes on September 7th will bring:

– New content
– Level cap increased from 37 to 45
– Dungeons up to level 45 added
– Changes
– Revamped Item Enhancing UI
– New mileage system will be added to Enhancing

The second part of the update will come on September 14th and it will contain the following:

– Item growth changes
– Optional items to help item enhancement
– Rune system revamped
– New revamped character creation
– Mascu humanoid customization
– Color palette extension and RGB color picker will be added
– New preset icons
– Rebuild content improvements

※ In addition to major update contents, bug fixes and optimization patches may be applied too. We will notify you again through the 9/7 and 9/14 update instructions.


Item enhancement changes

Increasing the level cap to 45 and adding the new dungeons will be the main focus of the 9/7 update, but there will be an enhancement ui update applied too.

It has been said that the new UI for enhancing is a good addition, but it was lacking basic features like showing the quantity of required materials, the chance of the upgrade or did not display the item icons properly after enhancing.

There will be an ‘Enhancement Mileage’ system that basically increases your chances to upgrade the items.

Current UI on Rebuild
※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

Revamped new UI that will be added
※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

The new mileage system will add bonus chances upon failing the enhancement process, just like the above image shows, it will display the base success rate + bonus chance from aux. items + bonus chance from failing(mileage). Upon successful enhancement, it will be reset to 0 percent again.

With this update it will be easier to get to higher enhancement levels to be able to face the Nigraturis dungeon.

Part 2

On September 14th, the second part of the update will come which mainly consists of: enhancement transfer system, new rune system, mascu humanoid form, character creation upgrades and bugfixes/feedback changes.

Item growth changes

Enhancement transfer system

Transfer System will be available after 9/14’s update.Transfer will allow enchantment levels to carry onto other equipments.

We understand that it is stressful for players to constantly enchant gear with new updates.

LV 37+ equipment that are Epic or Legendary grade can have their enchantment transferred to other equipment.(this includes equipment that were evolved with the “Evolution” system)Transfer will have a set chance to transfer current enchantment levels to another equipment. However, chances of losing some enchantment level increases with higher Evolution Stage. Item to have enchantment levels transferred must be +0 and item that is sacrificed must be +5 enchantment level.

※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

Sacrificed equipment’s special effect can transfer over and its unique “essence” shape may change.
Here, “essence” is Rebuild’s Rune System simply renamed.

Materials required for enchanting will increase as enchantment level increases.The material item, “Lilyantez’s Crystal”, can be obtained by dismantling “essence” items. “Essence” items can be crafted with Smelt Skill.

New rune system, ‘Essence’

※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

Previously it was called runes, but it is renamed to ‘Essence’, the rune system got a complete overhaul. Instead of reinforcing the equipment itself, you will now be able to enhance the runes and you can craft them.

There are three grades of Essences, advanced, rare and heroic, the acquisition method greatly varies by type.
You can craft the advanced ones easily with Smelt profession, but you will need to train a bit to be able to craft rare or heroic grade. You can also buy these essences from honor shops.

Only Armors will have Essence slots and the patterns will be fixed, you will only be able to upgrade it with that type. The patterns vary for every item dropped as it is random.
You can also change the pattern with a low possibility.

You can get an additional slot by evolving the item.

(Actually this rune system description was a bit unclear, so it might work a bit differently at some parts)

Character creator changes

From now on you can select humanoid form aside the animal ones if you prefer to make a cute little child.

※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

Previously the preset icons were just shown as numbers, it has been updated with actual mugshots.
Also the default selection of colors for hair, makeup, skin will be increased from 32 to 64, in some cases you will be able to select a custom color with RGB color picker.

※ This screenshot is incomplete and is only here to help players visually understand the process. In-game icons, UI text, and such may be different.

Feedback changes

Leveling and growth related changes

Monster damage at early levels have been stated too high, this has been changed, the early game will be easier now. Especially around Spezia zones.
Dungeons will be optimized for soloing too, Sapien’s Mausoleum (lv22 dungeon) was said to be hard to solo even with rebuild updates.
Prior to this update, the weapons could only be obtained from elites, this is now changed and you can get different grade weapons from even normal monsters as a drop.

Skill system related changes

The new skill system had a friendly welcome and it was easy to understand, although some skills required some subgroups and misc skills to be learned, leaving you with some limitation of choices.
From now on you will be able to select skills from a group freely, without needing previous skills. (?, might need some clearance after the update day)

Crafting changes

Some recipes required materials from the other Faction way early on, for example cooking skill and wheat, you’d have to go to Hieron side to get those materials. This will be changed and resources will be relocated to follow the growth curves more. Meaning, you will not have to go explore the other faction’s zones for low level / early recipes.
The material vendors were way too far from the workshops, this is now changed and they are moved closer to workshops for convenience.

Although, we may not be able to deliver changes to all your requests, we will keep listening to your feedback and if its a needed change, you can be sure that it will be done!

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